Marwar Supergroup
(Late Neoproterzoic to Early Cambrian)
Nagaur Group (75-500m) Tunklian Sandstone Nagaur Sandstone
Hanseran Group (upto 60m) Clay stone, silt stone, dolostone, anhydrite, halite
Bilara Group (100-300m) Pondlo dolomite Gotan limestone Dhanapa dolomite
Jodhpur Group (125-340m) Girbhakar Sandstone /Formation Buff, brownish, purplish to reddish white, spotted, gritty, pebbly, massive to thickly bedded sandstone and siltstone sequence.
Sonia Sandstone/Formation Pokran Boulder Bed
Basement Malani Rhyolites and Granites
Table 1: Stratigraphic succession of the Marwar Supergroup, Rajasthan (modified after Pareek, 1984).