Figure 1: Morphological characteristics of epithelial (b, c) and fibroblastic (d) cells growing out from human skin biopsies. (a) Primary culture of skin cells including keratinocytes (→) , melanocytes (→) and fibroblasts (↔). The cells were maintained in (b) KCM, (c) MCDB 153 medium with FBS (10%), insulin (30 µg.mL-1), hydrocortisone (0.63 µg.mL-1) e BPE (62.5 µg.mL-1) and (d) MCDB 153 medium with 10% FBS. Optical microscopy (40X). The culture conditions considering two distinct instants of cultivation: (a) and (c) 72 hours after tissue digestion, (b) and (d) the end of exponential phase (confluence).