Key cluster EASE-score Sub-cluster P-value (Benjamini)
Transcription binding 3.25 Transcription factor binding 3.0E-2
    Transcription cofactor activity 6.1E-2
Apoptosis 2.29 Regulation of apoptosis 2.8E-1
    Cell development 6.8E-1
    Cell differentiation 9.9E-1
Cellular stress 0.56 Response to stress 1.0E-2
    Response to wounding 9.9E-1
    Response to external stimulus 5.2E-1
    Defense response 9.3E-1
    Inflammatory response 9.7E-1
Cell cycle 3.15 Regulation of cell cycle 2.9E-2
Intracellular transport 3.31 Golgi vesicle transport 6.3E-3
    ER to Golgi vesicle-mediated transport 3.0E-2
Biotic stimulus 1.5 Response to biotic stimulus 5.2E-1
Tissue healing None Wound healing -
    Hemostasis -
    Blood coagulation -
    Regulation of body fluid levels -
    Platelet activation -
    Complement and coagulation cascades -
Table 4: Key- and sub-clusters of genes associated to the ongoing posttraumatic inflammation or bone regeneration. The genes are differentially expressed at day 1 and day 42 in patients with hip fractures.