Figure 1: A schematic depiction of various sources of stem cells, their potency, identification markers and modes of delivery for cardiac repair after acute MI. EPC- Endothelial Progenitor Cells; MSC- Mesenchymal Stem Cells; CPC- Cardiac Progenitor Cells; BMC- Bone Marrow Stem Cells; VESL-SC- Very Small Embryonic-like Stem Cells; IPS- Inducible Progenitor Cells; ESC- Embryonic Stem Cells; IM- Intramyocardial; IV- Intravenous; IC- Intracoronary. Source of the cells: 1. Bone Marrow, 2. Myocardium, 3. Skeletal Myoblasts, 4. Adult Fibroblasts, and 5. Embryonic Inner Cell Mass. The abbreviations in red suggest that this particular cell type is still under investigation and has not entered a clinical trial.