Figure 2: TalinC overexpression and its effects on focal adhesion assembly, actin filament organization, TNF-α-induced cellular cytotoxicity and differentiation of c-Kit positive CSCs to adult cardiomyocytes. A. Abundant expression of RFP-labeled TalinC (red) at intracellular adhesion complexes and actin filaments; Western blotting confirmed the expression of TalinC protein. B. Phalloidin green staining shows normalization of HG-induced actin fiber disassembly by TalinC overexpression; C. Reduction of TNF-α-induced LDH release in TalinC overexpressed CSCs; D. Increased differentiation of CSCs to cardiomyocytes in TalinC overexpressed CSCs visualized by anti-troponin I-FITC antibody. TlnC, TalinC; Bac, Baculovirus vector; BacTlnC, Baculovirusmediated TalinC overexpression vector. Scale bar: 20μm