Figure 3: Down-regulation of a unique set of human pluripotence-associated miRNAs upon lineage-specific induction by small molecules.
(A) The expression of two most prominent clusters of pluripotence-associated miRNAs hsa-miR-302 and hsa-miR-371/372/373 was significantly suppressed upon lineage-induction of hESCs by small molecules.
(B) A novel group of miRNA clusters was found to be significantly down-regulated upon small-molecule-induced lineage differentiation, albeit to less extents.
(C) Log2 ratios of down-regulation of the human pluripotence-associated miRNAs. The levels of down-regulation: *: 5-10 fold, **: 10-200 fold, and ***: 200-1000 fold (green lines: cardiac induction by NAM, blue lines: neural induction by RA).