The figure shows representative images for BAG and β-TCP at week 8. BAG – A = healthy, vascularized granulation tissue was formed around all granules containing spindle-shaped cells (red arrow); BAG – B = macrophages (green arrow) and foreign body giant cells (red arrow) were simultaneously observed; β-TCP – A = typical appearance of foreign body giant cells (red arrow) accumulating at the surface of a β-TCP granule; β-TCP – B = preosteoblastic cell nests (green arrow) were only observed after seeding with hASCs and/ or BMP-2 supplementation, but early calcification along β-TCP granules (red arrow), was only observed after hASC seeding. Asterisks represent biomaterials.
Figure 8: Histological sections of periimplantar tissue after implantation of BAG and β-TCP granules.