Figure 6: Specificity and sensitivity of the bioengineered, tetravalent antibodies towards cardiac myosin was determined by immunoblotting (IB). The homogenized human cardiac sarcomeres were electrophoresed on polyacrylamide gels (EP), transferred onto PVDF membranes, and labeled with the HPLC fraction of the monospecific tetravalent antibodies binding myosin (htAb), as well as with the monoclonal antibodies against myosin (mAbs) as the controls. All tests were run in triplicates. The images are representative for all the patients’ samples studied. The htAbs are exquisitely specific to the cardiac myosin as demonstrated by the single bands and clean backgrounds; therefore the entire lanes are shown. Pixel brightness compared between the bands and the backgrounds were accepted at the statistical significance p < 0.001.