Figure 11: Specificity and sensitivity of the htAbs towards the pluripotency biomarkers displayed on the hiPSCs were tested on blots. The patients’ human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), as well as the patients human primary skin or cardiac fibroblasts (hpcF) and human embryonic stem cells were as the controls, were cryoimmobilized, homogenized, electrophoresed, transferred, and labeled with the htAbs. Presence of the chelated metals results in distinctive purple coloration of the blots. The blots were performed in triplicates. The blots in this figure are representative to all the studied. The hiPSCs displayed the same biomarkers as the totipotent ESCs, which were detected efficiently with the htAbs. The primary fibroblasts did not express the biomarkers of pluripotency.