Figure 1: Preparation and transplantation of stem cell sheet-pellets (i-iii), and operation of bladder-damage model (A; iv-vi). Confluent cell-sheets were detached with 2 mM EDTA (i) and collected in a centrifuge tube (ii). Midline surface-incision of the bladder wall (limited outside from smooth muscle layer) (iv). Tag ends for both sides were spread in a transverse direction (v). Sheet-pellets were picked up with forceps and pasted on the open bladder wall (iii and vi). Measurement of bladder volume (B) and contractile ability (C). Protocol for B: (i) addition of stable water pressure; (ii) clamp penis at leak point; (iii) stop water pressure at leak point; (iv) completely draw out the bladder contents with syringe. Protocol for C: perform steps (i), (ii) and (iii) from B; (iv) add electrical stimulation through the bladder neck; (v) transduce intravesical pressure, amplify and record. Rec, Recorder; Amp, Amplifier; Trans, Transducer; Stim, Stimulator.