Figure 4: Expression of angiogenesis markers. In (A): expression of VEGF-r by flow cytometry in all analyzed groups. Observed that in all experimental groups there was a reduction using the association of MSC/rhBMP-2. In (B and C): vessels surrounding the tumor (arrows) in animals from group III. In contrast to the control animals the treatment using the association of MSC/rhBMP-2 showed an expressive reduction of the blood vessels related to the tumor in the group III. (F): expression of CD34 was reduced in all treatments. (G-L): immunohistochemestry for VEGF-r. In (G and J) negative controls for the antibody. In (H and K) expression of VEGF-r in tumoral tissue from control animals of the group III. In ( I and L): a reduction in the VEGF-r expression was observed in the tumoral tissue from animals treated with the association of MSC/rhBMP-2 from the group III. Statistical differences were obtained by analysis of variance (*** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01, and * p< 0, 05).