Figure 6: Expression of markers for cell death pathways. In (A, B, and C) significantly activation of caspase-3 with cytochrome c, and BAX in all treated groups with MSC/rhBMP-2. There was a decreased in the BCL-2 expression in all treated groups with MSC/rhBMP-2. In (D): Observed an increased in the expression of markers for cell necrosis in the group I treated with MSC/rhBMP-2 and late apoptosis treatment MSC. In (E): variation in expression of anexina V/PI was observed in all treatments on group II, but was observed a prevalecence of death by necrosis. In (F): In the MSC treatment the death pathway was by necrosis with a prevalecence of apoptosis pathway in animals treated MSC/rhBMP-2 on the group III. In (G and H): A reduction of expression of mitochondrial electrical potential was observed in all groups treated with MSC/rhBMP-2. Statistical differences were obtained by analysis of variance (*** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01, and * p< 0.05).