Figure 5: Cardioprotection by CMSC3A1 exosomes. 0.3 μg HPLCpurified exosomes from either E1MYC16.3 or CMSC3A1 was administered intravenously to a mouse model of acute myocardial/ischemia reperfusion injury five minutes before reperfusion. Infarct size (IS) as a percentage of the area at risk (AAR) upon treatment with saline (n = 10), E1MYC16.3 exosomes (n = 4) and CMSC3A1 (n = 4) were measured (A,B). (*, P < 0.002 and **, P < 0.001). (C–E) Representative pictures of Evan blue (blue) and TTC (pink) staining on hearts of mice treated with (C) saline, (D) E1-MYC-exos, or (E) CMSC3A1-exos.