Figure 3:SACK-expanded human pancreatic cell strains exhibit SACKagent suppressible asymmetric cell kinetics. A. Examples of time-lapse determined cell division pedigrees defined as Symmetric, Asymmetric, and Terminal. Shaded circle, dividing cell; black circle, nondividing cell; stippled circle, undetermined division fate. B. Quantitative analyses of percent changes in the representation of cell kinetics division types shown in A with respect to either SACK-free conditions (-Ctrl) or respective SACK-agent supplementation (-Xs, -Xn). Data from experiments with control (Ctrl-), Xs-expanded (Xs-), and Xn-expanded (Xn-) HuPan cell strains are shown. The respective numbers of informative divisions included were 24, 28, 21, 32, 37, and 59. p < 0.001 for the overall shift to symmetric cell kinetics by Fisher’s two-tailed exact test.