Figure 4: Pathway analysis of the differential genes in step 1 and 2 by Metacore software. (A) ECM remodeling pathway was the most significantly affected pathway related to cell adhesion, which in the HSC niche is involved in physiological processes, such as development, proliferation, cell motility and adhesion and angiogenesis. (B) Shows Oncostatin M (OSM) signaling pathway via JAK-Stat signaling. OSM is a multifunctional cytokine which is structurally and functionally related to the subfamily of hematopoietic cytokines known as the IL 6-type cytokine family. Experimental data from both step 1 and 2 are linked to and visualized on the map as thermometer-like figures. Up-ward thermometers have red color and indicate up-regulated signals and down-ward (blue) ones indicate down-regulated expression levels of the genes.