Figure 1: Representative pictures of: (A) phase-contrast microscopy of equine AD-MSC morphology depicting small fibroblast-like spindle-shaped cells (10×). (B) Adipogenesis was detected by neutral oil droplet formation stained with Oil Red O at day 24 (10×). (C) Osteogenesis was confirmed by mineralized matrix deposition stained with Alizarin Red at day 21(10×). (D) Chondrogenesis was detected by the presence of proteoglycans with Alcian Blue staining (10×). (E) Cytogenetic stability of cells under three passages under various culture conditions. (F) Suppression of PHA induced T-cell proliferation by equine AD-MSC at dose dependent manner. Results are average of three replicates. ** indicates P<0.01, *** indicates P<0.001 compared to the positive control.