Figure 3: hES-DK tissue exhibits expression and appropriate localization of proteins critical to the structure and function of keratinized stratified squamous epithelia. Indirect immunofluorescent detection (red) of E-cadherin (A and B), P-cadherin (C and D), β-catenin (E and F) K14 (G and H), K1 (I and J), K2 (K and L), p63 (M and N), filaggrin (O and P), and Tgase1 (Q and R) in stratified tissue generated from hES-DK and epidermal keratinocytes. Hoechst 33258 stain was used to visualize nuclei (blue). Three independent experiments yielded comparable expression patterns. Scale bar represents 50 μm. E-cadherin (E-Cad), P-cadherin (P-Cad), β-catenin (β-cat), filaggrin (fil).