Product Name Company Primary Indication Composition
INTEGRA™ FlowableWound Matrix Integra Wound healing Granulated cross-linked bovme tendon collagen and glycosaminoglycan
lnf orce®Reinforcement Matrix Integra Tendon repair Cross-linked porcine derived collagen I
SurgiMend TEl Biosciences Soft tissue repair Acellular dermal Collagen matrix derived from fetal and neonatal bovine dermis
AlloPatch HD™ MTF Sports Medicine Tendon augmentation Acellular Human Dermis
FlexHo® Ethicon Hernia repair
breast reconstruction
Acellular dermal matrix derived from donated human allograft skin
BioFiber'™ Tornier Soft tissue repair Absorbable biologic polymer
TRUFITTM CB Plug Smith & Nephew Cartilage repair Polymers, ceramics  and fibers
ChondroMimetic™ TiGenix Cartilage repair Readily absorbed, non-synthetic, collagen, GAG, calcium phosphate
OseoFit Kensev Nash Cartilage repair Collagen formulation1 synthetic polymer and ceramic
Matrix Collagen Particles Collagen Matrix Wound healing Type I collagen
Collagen Sponge Collagen Matrix Wound healing Type I collagen
Collagen Film Collagen Matrix Wound healing Type I collagen
Collagen Film/Collieva lnnocoll Wound healing Purified type 1 collagen
Pelvicol®Acellular Collagen Matrix C.R. Bard Soft tissue repair Cross-linked Porcine dermal collagen
ARTISS Baxter Healthcare Corporation Wound healing .Human fibrinogen and a synthetic fibrinolysis inhibitor I low-concentration
human thrombin solution In a calcium chloride solution
TISSEEL Baxter Healthcare Hemostasis I Sealine Human fibrinogen and a synthetic fibrinolysis inhibitor, aprotinin
EVICEL®Fibrin Sealont Ethicon360 Hemostasis The only all human, aprotinin free, fibrin sealant
Table 1: Overview over clinically applicable scaffolds.