Main focus of clinical study Number
Using CB for specific hematological disorders 22
Conditioning regimen 22
Use of cellular therapy (e.g. T-cells) post-CB transplantation 9
Use of expanded CBU 9
Combined use of CB and Haploidentical grafts 7
Use of unlicensed CBUs 5
Direct intra-bone infusion of CB 4
Combined use of two CBU 3
Co-infusion of CBU with accessory cells (MSC/Tregs) 3
Use of growth factors (Eltrombopag) post-UCB transplant 3
UCB vs. Haploidentical transplantation 2
Improved homing of UCB HSC 2
T-cell depletion of CBU 2
Fucosylation of CB HSC 1
Management of GvHD infection post-CB transplantation 2
Total clinical trials 96
Table 2: Current clinical trials in cord blood transplantation. Summary of the current clinical trials in unrelated cord blood transplantation for hematological conditions that are currently recruiting as registered with (12/01/2014). (CB: Cord Blood; CBU: Cord Blood Unit; MSC: Mesenchymal Stem Cells; Tregs: Regulatory T-cells; GvHD: Graft-versus-host Disease).