Strengths Weaknesses
Lack of immunogenicity Heavy surgery :puncture of the bone marrow
Regulation of crucial biological functions:
• Proliferation       Angiogenesis
• Differentiation     Epithelization
• Inflammation
Low amount of MSC in bone-marrow
(1/10000 nucleated cells)
Expansion in vitro obtained in not complex culture medium:
• Basic fibroblast growth factor-enriched media.
• Serum-enriched/serum-free media
• Cytokine-free media
With increasing passage number:
• Decrease of proliferation rate
• Loss of their typical morphology
Good expansion yield in culture with retain of:
• Growth
• Multilineage potential.
Stable morphology (fibroblast) up to 20-25 passages
No chromosomal abnormalities for MSC expanded in vitro
The discrepancy between pro or anti-tumoral effect of MSC related to:
• Different tissue sources
• Culture conditions
• Individual donor variability
• Injection timing of MSC
Isolation efficiency of BM-MSC : 100% Decrease of differentiation potential with age of donor
Table 1: The strengths and weaknesses of BM-MSC for their clinical use. This table has been realized through the results and reflections brought by the pre-clinical and clinical investigations using BM-MSC as reparative therapy [28,29,33,157-159].