POSITIVE surface Antigen   NEGATIVE surface Antigen
Adhesion molecules CD9 ; CD29 (β1-integrin);
CD49d (α4-integrin); CD54 (ICAM-1); CD105 (endoglin); CD166 (ALCAM)
CD11b (αb-integrin); CD18 (β2-integrin) CD49f (α6-integrin); CD50 (ICAM-3);
CD56 (NCAM);  CD61,
CD62e (E-selectine); CD104 (α4-integrin);
CD106 (VCAM); CD133
Receptor molecules CD44 (hyaluronate); CD71 (transferrin) CD16 (Fc receptor)
Enzymes CD10 ; CD13 (aminopeptidase) CD73; aldehyde deshydrogenase  
Extra cellular matrix molecules CD90; CD146; Collagen I and III; osteopontin; osteonectin  
Complement cascade proteins CD55; CD59 (protectin)  
Histocompatibility Antigen HLA ABC HLA DR
Stem Cell markers CD34; ABCG2  
Stromal cell markers CD29; CD44; CD73; CD90; CD166  
Hematopoitic cells markers   CD14; CD31; CD45
Table 2: Phenotypical characteristics of ADSC. This table has been realized based on data from research articles and reviews on ADSC phenotype [28,61,160].