Figure 4: Phenotypic analysis of stimulated CD8+ T-cells from a HLA-B*44:02 positive donor. Representative FACS plots of the phenotypic analysis of stimulated CD8+ T-cells from an HLA-B*44:02 positive donor. CD3+ T cells isolated from human peripheral blood were stimulated with autologous DCs expressing additional recombinant HLA-B*44/ 156 variant. The cells were stained with CD45-RA-PE and CD-45-RO-PE-Cy-5 antibodies on day 0, 4 or 8, respectively, and were gated for CD8+/CD45RA+/CD45RO-, CD8+/CD45RA+/CD45RO+ and CD8+/CD45RA-/CD45RO+ subsets. Activation resulted in loss of CD45-RA and gain of CD45-R0 expression in these cells (4a, b, c). In addition, stimulated CD8+ T cells gained the expression of CD69 activation marker (Figure 4e).