Figure 7: Amino acid frequencies at p2 and at C terminus of peptides eluted from sB*44/ 156 variants. AA frequencies occurring at peptide position 2 and at C terminus among the peptides eluted from sHLA-B*44/ 156 variants. The AA residues are plotted on the X-axis and the percentage prevalence of each of these residues is plotted on the Y-axis. Crossed bars, grey bars and black bars represent sHLA-B*44:02, B*44:03 and B*44:35, respectively. No low binding peptides were recovered from B*44:03. Both B*44:02 and B*44:03 bound exclusively Glu at peptide position 2 (P2) unlike B*44:35 which bound a small percentage of other residues – Ala (only in high binding peptides), Lys and Leu. Among the low and high binding peptides eluted from HLA-B*44:02 and B*44:03, Trp>Tyr≥Phe were found to occur more frequently at the C terminus. Lys at C terminus was exclusive to peptides eluted from B*44:35.