Figure 8: Length of peptides presented by B*44/ 156 variants. This diagram indicates the length of low and high binding peptides eluted from different HLA-B*44/ 156 variants. Peptide length is plotted on the X-axis and the percentage prevalence of peptides of a particular length is plotted on the Y axis. Crossed, grey and black bars represent values from HLA-B*44:02, B*44:03 and B*44:35, respectively. There were no low binding peptides eluted from B*44:03. The low binding peptides presented by HLA-B*44:02 were all found to be of canonical length (8-11 AAs), a significant percentage of low binding peptides presented by B*44:35 was found to be longer than canonical length (24 %). Majority of the high binding peptides presented by B*44:02 and B*44:03 were of canonical length (~ 90 %). B*44:35 variants were found to present a significantly high percentage (~ 40 %) of high binding peptides of extraordinary length, with the longest peptide containing up to 28 AAs.