Figure 4: Karyotype and the expression of stemness genes and growth factor genes of ADSCs. (A, B) Karyotyping analyses were carried out using ADSCs from donors 3 and 8 following culturing in 10% HAS+MCA-supplemented medium for 1 month. Quantitative PCR were performed to quantify the relative gene expression of (C) the stemness genes: Nanog, SOX2, (D) the stem cell-related genes: CXCR4, TERT, and (E) the growth factor genes: IGF-1, HGF and EGF in the ADSCs that were cultured in the different culture media for 7 days (n=3). The gene expression was normalized to β-actin, serving as the internal control, and made relative to the expression levels of each gene measured for cells cultured under the 10% FBS condition. Each bar represents means ± SD. *p<0.05. **p<0.01. ***p<0.005.