*Mann-Whitney test p≤ 0.05
Figure 2: Effects of ASCs on the kinetics of epithelial regeneration and proliferation.
A: Morphological analysis using HPS staining, Ki67, K15, and filaggrin expression on D60 (see figure1 for morphological analysis of D42 and figure 4 for that of D100)
B: Comparison of cellular proliferation in SE with different amounts of ASCs (number of proliferating cells expressing Ki67 per field).
C: Comparison of epidermal thickness (µm) in SE with different amounts of ASCs. At D60, the epidermal thickness of the SE and the number of proliferating cells, labeled with Ki67 appeared similar (not statistically different) in SE with 25%, 50% and without ASCs. Means calculated for 3 fields in 3 different samples for each condition.