Figure 2: Optimizing expression and purification of TAT-SALL4B. Western blot analysis of expression efficiency of TAT-SALL4B protein affected by days of infection and initial cell density. (A) Lane1: pellets from uninfected Sf9 cells. Lane2-6: Sf9 cells pellet at 3-7 days post-infection. (B) Lane1-6: Sf9 cell pellets at day 3 post-infection with different initial cell densities (3.2x104 cells/ml, 6.5x104 cells/ml, 3.2x105 cells/ml, 6.5x105 cells/ml, 3.2x106 cells/ml, and 6.5x106 cells/ml; M.O.I was 20, 10, 2, 1, 0.2, and 0.1, respectively). Lane7: pellets from uninfected Sf9 cells. (C) Lane1: precipitates of lysed uninfected Sf9 cells. Lane2: precipitates of lysed infected Sf9 cells. Lane3: lysates of uninfected Sf9 cells. Lane4: lysates of infected Sf9 cells. Lane 5: flow through fraction. Lane 6, 7: eluted fractions.