Figure 3: Characterization of TAT-mediated transduction of SALL4B protein. HeLa cells were cultured in the medium containing 100 nM or 500 nM of TAT-SALL4B protein and incubated in 37°C for either 1.5 h or 8 h. Two control groups were included and they were 500 nM BSA and the mock eluted fraction of uninfected Sf9 cells. After incubation, protein transduction was assayed by immunofluorescence staining with the anti-SALL4 antibody and Cy3-conjugated secondary antibody (red). Hoechst was used to stain the cell nuclei (blue). The merges images revealed that recombinant TAT-SALL4B could transduce into cells and specifically localized to the nucleus. Original magnification x200.