Figure 3: Analysis of murine pan-hematopoietic stem cells (CD45+ cells) and CD45- cells derived from lung (A) and bone marrow (B). Flow cytometry results cells from mice after intratracheal administration of NaCl 0.9% (A1, B1), mice after intratracheal administration of bleomycin (A2, B2), mice after intratracheal bleomycin administration and spiperone-treated (A3, B3) on 21 day of the experiment. Cells were analyzed by FACS with antibody to identify mouse CD45 APC-Cy7. The CD45 negative cell population and CD45 positive cell population is sorted from one sample. The number of CD45+ -cells in the mice lung of the control group was 68.6 ± 4.9% of the labeled cells and control indicator of the bleomycin control animals did not significantly increase just to 72.9 ± 5%. Spiperone significantly reduced the number of pan-hematopoietic cells in mice lung with pulmonary fibrosis (47.0 ± 4.1%). Presented in the figure cytometric study results indicate that bleomycin and spiperone had no effect on the level of CD45+ -cells in the bone marrow. In the bone marrow the amount of CD45neg cells in mice of the control group was 32.2 ± 3% of all labeled myelokaryocytes, bleomycin control mice - 33.6 ± 5%, in the experimental group - 37.9 ± 3.5%. Dot plots are representative figures of three independent experiments with the mean from three independent experiments.