Figure 5: Dynamics of cell growth (1) and morphologic characteristics (2) in secondary cultures of lung adherent mononuclear cells derived from C57BL/6 mice. It is shown results of the control group, bleomycin control and experimental group (bleomycin+spiperone). 1, on the abscissa axis - times of changes of culture medium, on the ordinate - area of colony forming cells (% of tissue culture flask). 2, reverse phase contrast images of cultured primary cells (P0). Endothelial-like (E, F) epithelial-like (A) cells and mononuclear and/ or binuclear cells with spindle-shaped fibroblast-like (B, C, D) morphology were identified in all primary cultures using morphological studies. Original magnification × 100. The number of cells with the fibroblasts morphology was 5-10% of total vial cellularity. Starting from the 8th cycle of changing medium it the culture enrichment by fibroblast-like cells and small-sized round cells was observed. The number of epithelial and endothelial like cells was progressively reduced. Round cells and predominantly fibroblastic morphology cells were detected in the samples at the end of research. Morphological studies are confirmed the analysis of immune profiles.