Figure 7: Multilineage differentiation of lung-derived MSCs. Chondrogenic differentiation. Chondrogenic differentiation was assessed histologically by demonstrating the presence of cartilage-related matrix components in the specimens. Chondrogenic-induced pellets from all assayed cell sources showed intense purple metachromasia in toluidine blue staining, indicating a high content of sulfated proteoglycans. Results are presented as mean and SEM. On the ordinate axis – number of cells with stained acid mucin and acetate, on the abscissa - examined groups: mice with intratracheal administration of NaCl 0.9%, mice with intratracheal administration of bleomycin, mice with intratracheal administration of bleomycin and spiperonetreated. Percentage of cells stained with acetate and acidic mucins in histological samples of experimental group was lower (44.00 ± 3.34%), than in cells culture of control group (62.00 ± 7.21%; (n = 8, p<0.05)) and in cells culture of bleomycin control (67.00 ± 7.82%; (n = 8, p<0.05)).