Figure 9: Quantitation of tubules showing spermatogenesis and differential expression of pluripotent and germ cells specific marker transcripts by q-RTPCR, post transplantation of Sertoli cells and Mesenchymal cells compared to vehicle transplanted control. Tubules showing spermatogenesis were counted against the empty tubules and it showed significant increase in number of tubules showing spermatogenesis following Sertoli (SC) (p<0.005) and mesenchymal cells (MSC) (p<0.005) transplantation (A). The VSELs (Sca-1); spermatogonial (Gfra) and spermatocyte (Prohibitin) specific markers were expressed in all the three groups and no drastic differences were observed (p<0.05, p=0.707, p=0.00036 for Sca-1, Gfra and Prohibitin in Sertoli transplanted group and p= 0.92,0.232, 0.39 for Sca-1, Gfra and Prohibitin in mesenchymal cells transplanted group (B). However, the post-meiotic marker (Protamine) was almost 50 fold up-regulated after Sertoli cells transplantation (p= 0.089) and 150 folds after Mesenchymal cells transplantation (p<0.05) compared to vehicle transplanted (C) control. Error bars represent standard deviation between samples and fold change normalized to 18S RNA estimated by qRT-PCR studies in more than 5 animals in each group (two technical replicates for each sample).