Figure 10: Characterization of spermatogenesis restored after transplantation by immuno-localization studies. Both stem (PCNA, A-F) and germ (MVH, G-L) cell markers were used to study spermatogenesis in chemo-ablated mouse testis after vehicle, Sertoli and mesenchymal cells transplantation. PCNA was expressed in stem cells localized at the basal layer of seminiferous tubules in normal mice (A), Sertoli (D,E) and mesenchymal (F) cells transplantation. Cytoplasmic MVH positive spermatogonial cells and their descendants were detected after Sertoli (J,K) and mesenchymal (L) cells transplantation similar to normal mice (G). Vehicle transplanted control were largely negative for both PCNA (B) and MVH (H). Negative control with omission of primary antibody for PCNA (C) and MVH (I).