Procedure GMP associated information for ASCs production Reference
Collection fat pad, liposuction aspiration orĀ  Lipogems product [1,3,4]
Isolation Collagenase digestion vs.nonenzymatic method [1,4,5]
Purification Adherent culture vs. lineage-negative sorting [1,3,5,8]
Expansion Freshly isolated cells vs. cultured cells [8-11]
Characterization Immunophenotype, Differentiation capacity, Colony formation, Transcriptome and Proteome [3-8]
Clinical application Diabetes, ischemic injury, liver injury, kidney injury, cardiac repair, retinopathy, inflammatory diseases, transplant tolerance, erectile dysfunction, nerve repair, anti-cancer therapy [1,2,13]
Table 1: Summary of safety, reproducibility and quality widespread clinical use of adipose-derived stem cells.