Figure 1: Comparison between culture processes in the Quantum® device and traditional flasks: MSC culture from fresh bone marrow (P0, P1 and P2 expansion steps): study design From 50 ml of initial fresh BM, 25 ml were loaded on the Quantum® device while 25 ml were submitted to Ficoll isolation. MNC were divided in two parts: the first part was seeded in flasks and the second part on a Quantum® device. After a P0 expansion of 14 days, cells were harvested and re-loaded freshly (flasks) or after a freezing/thawing step (Quantum) for P1 expansion. After harvesting 7 days later, cells were re-loaded according to the same scheme for P2 expansion step(s) in flasks or the Quantum® device. On day 28, cells were harvested and analyzed.