300x106 harvestedcells Quantum (thawed cells) Flask (fresh cells) Flask (thawed cells)
Loaded cells 50x106 62x106 138x106
Days in culture 7 7 8
Disposables (kits, bags, flasks) 1 disposable kit+bags 88 flasks 198 flasks
Medium consumption 7,840 mL 5,040 mL 11,200 mL
Working time / run (hours) 8 12 21
Working time/harvest+freezing (hours) 3 7 15
Table 7: Quantum® device and T-flask MSC manufacturing requirements (P2 expansion step). Comparison between Quantum® and T-flask (fresh or thawed cells) manufacturing needs considering a P2 expansion step leading to a 300x106 MSC harvest.