Glandular cell source Culture type Suggested markers + Reference
Pancreas Monolayer • Ductal cell: CAII and CK19
• Endocrine cell: PDX-1 and Ngn3 and GLUT1, VDCC
• Expansion: SMA and Vimentin
• *Stemness: Oct4, ABCG2, SCF and CD133
Zhang et al. [128]
Salivary Salisphere
• CD34, CD117, ALDH, CD90, CD44
• CD49f, CD29, CD24, CD133
Pringle et al.[53]
Sweat Monolayer • Gland: NKAα, ATP1a1
• Luminal cell: K8, K18
• Myoepithelial cell: K5, K14
• *Stemness:Nestin, Iα6, Oct4, SOX2
Lu et al. [62]
Nagel et al. [63]
Mammary Monolayer   Mammosphere • Mammary cell: CD19, CALLA, ESA, MUC-1
• Duct cell: CD24
• Mammospheres: CD105
• *Stemness: Nestin, CD9, CD29, CD44, and CD81
Hebbard et al.[129]
Liu et al. [126]
Richter et al. [92]
Liao et al.[130]
* Cells show different Stem cell markers (Stemness) throughout different culture passages
+ All gland derived cells showed markers of differentiation to the three germ layers
Table 2: Summary of the suggested cellular markers of different types of gland derived stem cells by some authors.