Figure 5:GPC3 promotes tumor initiation in vivo. A. Effects of induced GPC3 expression in PLC/PRF/5 and SNU-398 cells on tumor initiation in NSG mice (~ 100 cells were inoculated subcutaneously; n=5 for each group), and GPC3 expression was induced by adding doxycycline in the drinking water. Tumors were harvested at the end of the experiment (insets). B. Immunohistochemistry showing GPC3 expression (GPC3), cell morphology (H&E), tumor angiogenesis (CD34), cell proliferation (PCNA), and apoptosis (TUNEL) in respective tumors established from PLC/PRF/5 and SNU-398 cells with or without induced GPC3 expressions (Magnification=200X).