Figure 3: ROS low cells are significantly enriched in CMP-like cells. (a) Immunophenotypic analysis of the compartment of Lin-CD38+ committed progenitors in 5 patients with LMPP/GMP-like CD34+ AML. The ROS low fraction is highly enriched in CMP-like cells and contains less GMP-like cells compared to the bulk AML population. (b) Analysis of the stem cell compartment of Lin-CD38- cells in the same patients. The ROS low subset contains more MPP-like cells and less LMPP-like cells, but statistical significance is not reached for both comparisons. (c) Representative flow cytometry analysis of leukemic hematopoietic hierarchy in a patient with LMPP/GMP-like CD34+ AML. ROS low leukemic cells are primarily comprised of CMP-like progenitors and considerably enriched in MEP-like progenitors compared to the bulk CD34+ AML cells. Plots are gated on Lin-CD34+CD38+ cells. P values by paired Student’s t-test.