Figure 1: Embryonic stem (ES) cell-like colonies produced from Fabry mouse-derived induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells
(A) Transduction of Fabry-TTFs with pMXs-enGFP retrovirus generated in Plat-E packaging cells.
(B) Morphology of ES cell-like colonies.
(C) SSEA-1 expression, with enGFP-silencing, in ES cell-like colonies. Mouse Oct3/4-, Klf4-, Sox2- and enGFP-transduced Fabry-TTFs were used as a control (gray dots).
(D) Alkaline phosphatase staining of ES cell-like colonies
(E) Relative ES cell-specific gene expression in Fabry-iPS cells. Real-time PCR analysis of ES cell marker genes in ES cells (RF8), Fabry-iPS cells, Fabry-TTFs, and LV/α-gal A-transduced Fabry-iPS cells. Values indicate the relative mRNA levels normalized to Fabry-TTFs. Gapdh was used as an internal control.