Figure 2:Dgcr8 KO ESCs are defect in cardiogenic differentiation
A. Morphology of WT and Dgcr8 KO EBs, note the irregular shape/size of Dgcr8 KO EBs.
B. Morphology of WT and Dgcr8 KO EBs 3, 7 and 10 days after initiation of differentiation. Note Dgcr8 KO EBs are smaller, and lack of cyst-like structures which are present in WT EBs after 7 and 10 days differentiation.
C. qPCR analysis of Oct4, a stem cell pluripotency marker, and differentiation marker Brachyury T, Troponin T(TnT) and αMHC.
D. Immunofluorescent staining for cardiac marker α-Actinin and Troponin T in WT and KO cells after 10 days of differentiation.