Figure 1: Cancer Stem cell markers correlated with tumour recurrence. (A) Average expression differences in expression profiles of stem cell markers, CD44, NOTCH1, NANOG, OCT-4, BMI and ABCG2 between the primary and recurrent cohort. (*= p<0.05; **=p<0.005) (B-E)  ROC curve was generated for the four markers CD44, ABCG2, NOTCH1 and BMI1. (F) Table showing the cut off points and specificity and sensitivity for each marker selected and the best combination for predicting the recurrence.(G) The best combination of markers correlated with recurrence (Cohort I) and with re-recurrence (Cohort II). (H) The best combination markers for predicting the recurrence was given by CD44 and ABCG2. Expression of each markers were correlated with recurrence and CD44 and ABCG2 were significantly associated with recurrence (p ≤ 0.05). (I) Immunohistochemical analysis of CD44 showing the average expression score. An increased expression observed in the recurrent cohort (**, p=0.003) and the recurrent subset of the primary cohort (Primary-Rec) (*, p=0.02) as compared to the normal cohort