Figure 5: Closed-circuit hollow fiber bioreactor system for culturing iPSC-hepatocytes. (A) Schematic diagram displaying the various components of HFB culture setup. The membranous hollow fibers are encased in a cartridge and each fiber is connected to vestibules at the inflow and outflow ends. The functional cells adhere to the outside of each fiber. The hollow fiber contains numerous micropores that allow the exchange of metabolites and proteins. The cells are bathed in a continuous flow of oxygenated growth media pumped from a media reservoir. (B) The closed-circuit continuous flow setup including hollow fiber bioreactor (HFB) cartridge loaded with iPSC-hepatocytes is shown inside a 37°C incubator. The iPSC-hepatocyte loaded HFB cartridge would function as a bioartificial liver device. P: pump; O: membrane oxygenator; M: media bag inside the tray.