Drug or supplement Role
Filgrastim Increases proliferation and mobilization of bone marrow derived stem cells
Erythropoietin Elevates the number of endothelial progenitor cells
Statin Mobilization of endogenous progenitor cells
Mannitol Increases the permeability of barrier
Citicoline Neuroprotection  and neurorestoration
Adenosin triphosphate Neuromodulation and neuroprotection
Cerebrolysin Neuroprotection and neurogenesis
Omega 3 Induces the differentiation of stem cells, maintains the lipid signaling pathway
linoleic acid Increases angiogenesis
Vimpocetine Promotes oxygenation in the brain
Huperzine A Enhances cognitive and mental functions
Table 8: A summary of used drugs before and after ASCT.