Figure 2: The giPSCs shows bonafide characters of embryonic stem cells. (a) Alkaline phospahatase staining found positive in giPSCs. (b) Embryonic stem cell markers stage specific embryonic antigens SSEA1, SSEA4 was observed positively while SSEA3 could not be observed in giPSCs. (c) Presence of tumor recognition antigens TRA1-81 and TRA1-60 and (d) Oct4, Sox2 and Nanog transcription factors in giPSCs were found positive, further confirms the stemness in giPSCs. (e) Presence of Nanog and Oct4 proteins in giPSCs lysates highlighted the presence of stemness. (f) Presence of different stem cell markers in RT-PCR assay at different passages in giPSCs supports reprogramming in AGFs.