Figure 5: Generation of oocyte-like cells from giPSCs: (a) giPSCs derived embryoid bodies were cultured in differentiation medium containing retinoic acid (RA) and bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2). (b) Small projections are observable in embryoid bodies. (c,d) Rounded structures are generating from embryoid bodies, which increase in size and number at 45 days of differentiation. Cumulus-oocyte-complex-like (COCs) structures were generated from the differentiated germ cell like cells from giPSCs (e-g). (h) The RT-PCR analysis shows the presence of different oocyte specific marker. ZP2 and GDF9 are only present in goat cumulus oocyte complex and giPSCs derived oocyte-like structure while absent in goat embryonic stem (gES) cells, goat induced pluripotnet stem cells (giPSCs) and differentiated embryoid bodies (dEB). ZP3 is present in all the stages while Nobox was present only on natural goat oocytes (GO), oocyte-like structures developed from giPSCs (giPS-O) and dEB.