Year [reference]
ADSC In vivo/ vitro Scaffold Growth factors Differentiation Tissue regeneration
2013[127] Dog Dog PTFE conduit - - Facial nerve regeneration
2013[128] Rat In vitro TCP, laminin/ fibronectin coated TCP Co-culture with various neural cells - Enhanced NTF release by SC-like cells
2013[129] Human Rat NGF-hydrogel NGF within hydrogel - Erectile function improvement
2012[130] Human In vitro - BHA, RA, EGF, and bFGF Neuron-like cells PNR in vivo
2012[131] Rat In vitro - DM - PNR in vitro
2012[132] Rat  Rat GGT[1] DM Neuro-like cells PNR in vivo
2012[133] Rat Rat Silicon DM SC PNR in vivo
2012[63] Rat Rat DNA DM SC-like cells PNR in vivo
2012[134] Rat In vitro - N2, ABAM, B27, EGF, and bFGF Glial-like cells PNR in vitro
2012 [135] Rat Rat GGT - - PNR in vivo
2011[136] Rat Rat PCL DM SC Prevention of DRG neuronal loss
2011[137] Rat Rat Allogeneic artery DM SC PNR and functional recovery in vivo
2011[138] Rat Rat ANAs - - PNR in vivo
2011 [139] Rat In vitro - DM SC-like cells -
2011[140] Rat Rat Chitosan/ silk fibroin - - PNR in vivo
2011[141] Human In vitro - BHA, RA, EGF, and bFGF Neuron-like cells Neuronal differentiation
2011[142] Rat  Rat ADMT - - Cavernous nerve in vivo
2011[143] Rat Rat Fibrin DM SC-like cells PNR in vivo
2011[144] Rat In vitro - DM SC-like cells ADSC from SC and PN fat were more effective [2]
2011[145] Mice Mice Matrigel - - NTF release
2011[146] Rat Rat Vein graft - - PNR in vivo
2010[147] Rat Rat PHB sheet - - PNR in vivo
2010 [124] Rat In vitro PCL and PLLA DM SC PNR in vitro
2010[148] Rat Rat Fibrin conduit DM SC-like cells PNR in vivo
2010[149] Rat Rat XANM DM SC PNR in vivo
2010 [150] Rat Rat - DM SC CNR in vivo
2009[151] Rat In vitro - DM SC-like cells -
2009[152] Rat In vitro - DM Glial cell NTF release
2009[153] Human Nude rat PCL - - PNR in vivo
2008[154] Rat In vitro - DM SC-like cells Myelin formation
2007 [155] Rat In vitro - DM and forskolin SC-like morphology PNR in vivo
Table 1: Nerve tissue regeneration with ADSC. PNR: Peripheral nerve tissue regeneration. DM: Differentiation medium containing PDGF, bFGF, and GGF-2. PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene; TCP: Tissue culture plastic; DNA: Decellularized nerve allografts; NTF: Neurotrophic factor; PCL: Poly-ε caprolactone; ANA: Acellular nerve allografts; ADMT Adipose tissue-derived acellular matrix thread; SC: subcutaneous; PN: Perinephric; PHB: Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate; PLLA: Poly-D-L-lactic acid; bFGF: basic fibroblast growth factor; NGF: nerve growth factor; EGF: epidermal growth factor; BHA: Butylated hydroxyanisole; RA: retinoic acid; XANM: Xenogenic acellular nerve matrix; CNR: Central nerve tissue regeneration; 1GGT nerve conduit containing genipin crosslinked gelatin annexed with tricalcium phosphate. Compared to epididymal fat in Wistar rats.