Figure 7: Effects of cmAFSCs and cmADSCs on TGFβ1-induced production of the collagen-modifying enzyme lysyl hydroxylase 2 (PLOD2) in HDF-27 and HDF-73. Fibroblasts were treated with or without TGFβ1 and in combination with either CM of AFSCs or ADSCs for 48 h. (A) mRNA levels of PLOD2 were measured with qRTPCR and expressed as fold-change compared to untreated control. (B) Representative immunofluorescence stainings and quantification of the % of cells positive for PLOD2 in HDF-27 (upper panel) and HDF-73 (lower panel). White scale bar represents 200 μm. The sign # represents statistically significance towards the untreated control.