Figure 5: pCPCs gave rise to cardiomyocyte-like cells in skeletal muscle 14 days after transplantation. (A) High magnification of skeletal muscle transverse sections showed small muscular bundles with cross striation positive for cardiac Troponin-T in red (Alexa 594) co-localizing with anti-GFP in green (Alexa 488). (B) Crosssectional sections showed GFP positive small muscular bundles with co-expression of cardiac Troponin-T. The arrow indicated an injection tract. (C) Co-expression of cardiac Troponin-T in magenta (Alexa 647) and smooth muscle actin in red (Cy3) was observed in some of the transplanted GFP+ muscular bundles. The inset showed a higher magnification of the center field where co-localization of cardiac Troponin-T and smooth-muscle actin was observed in some muscular bundles whereas in others transition from adjacent smooth-muscle actin positive into cardiac Troponin-T positive bundles was also observed. Scale bars = 50 Ám (A and C), 100 Ám (B).