Figure 1: Transduction of mesenchymal stem cells with a lentiviral vector construct expressing hemeoxygenase 1. Transduction efficiencies were examined by flow cytometry after every transduction, prior to cell transplantation, and ranged between 40-60% The clear tracing outlined in grey indicates the isotype control. The shaded black area represents GFP labeled cells expressing the HO-1 construct after transduction with this bicistronic vector (A). Changes in cytokine expression were also identified by real time PCR. The graph shows the relative change in interleukin expression before and after mesenchymal stem cells were transduced to express hemeoxygenase 1. IL-10 and IL-1A levels were elevated when HO-1 was over-expressed in mesenchymal stem cells (B). Data shown represent three independent experiments +/- standard errors. Asterisks indicate statistical significance at p < 0.05.